Jim R

dL has been the Pilates instructor for myself and my wife for the past 10 years. The long duration of this relationship is a testament to how truly outstanding she is as a Pilates instructor. She’s instilled within in us a deep understanding of the value that Pilates has for our overall fitness. I’m unusually active – in sports such as cycling, hiking, cross-country and back-country skiing – and I am certain that my ability to continue to engage in these sports at a high level is due in large part to dL’s Pilates instruction. In fact, the benefit that my wife and I have gained from her instruction inspired us to build a home gym and furnish it with Pilates equipment. dL has a broad knowledge of Pilates, and how it impacts body strength and movement. She has been unusually intuitive in her ability to use this knowledge to design for me an individualized workout program that addresses both my continuing goals for fitness, strength and flexibility, as well as my occasional needs for some more specific therapeutic benefit. She is also exceptionally dependable and personable. You would be most fortunate to work with her.

Jim R, 58


Scott E

I have wanted to try Pilates for some time, but have been afraid that it would be too difficult and uncomfortable. With my history of injury & pain, I was nervous. The skilled and expert staff at Columbia City Pilates put me at ease, and led me through a low-impact session. After finishing my training, I didn’t feel very tired or sore, so was uncertain if I had actually had a challenging enough workout. The next few days I could feel changes in my overall muscle tone, my relationship to my breathing, posture, and core. I will be back!

Scott E, 41


Bradley W

When I first entered the world of Pilates a few years ago, I felt like a truck driver in a ballet class. I was unaware of how to access or control my core muscles. I felt awkward in many of the positions not knowing if I was doing movements correctly or what I would ultimately gain from this form of exercise.

Now I can honestly exclaim, that dL Powers is unequivocally the most highly skilled, focused, unique and outstanding personal Pilates instructor I’ve experienced. Her careful and individualized instruction helped me understand Pilates, transforming my body and its abilities, while ensuring my security and safety during lessons. I absolutely love her attention to detail, passion and knowledge of Pilates, fantastic verbal and visualization; all which helped me to achieve far more than I ever expected initially.

After each session I feel as though I’ve experienced a combination of meditation, therapy and an excellent work out. The desire to continually improve and understand Pilates keeps the sessions challenging for me, but it is dL’s constant source of positive yet calming energy, with integrity and a conviction of what Pilates will deliver to the body and soul. I am so excited to see Columbia City Pilates open and for others to experience what I have through dL’s phenomenal work.

Bradley W, 44


Vanessa K

I have danced most of my life and have subscribed to numerous different types of physical routines… Boot camps, yoga, gyms etc….Most often my workouts leave me feeling fit, but also feeling like there is a bit of recovery time needed as well.

After my very first session with dL at Columbia City Pilates I left not only feeling I got a stellar workout but, my body also experienced healing benefits as well. I felt strong, stretched and revived. I’m hooked!

Vanessa K, 36


Melissa R

dL’s work and commitment to my well being has changed my life. I have been in several auto accidents which led to severe muscle and spinal issues. After years of unsuccessful therapies and workout regimes I had pretty much given up the idea of being strong again. dL started working with me and after a few sessions I started feeling better. After some time I was able to rock climb, dance, travel and enjoy an active lifestyle. Her incredible knowledge of the body and her encouraging words made me strong again. My quality of life has drastically changed thanks to her dedication to my healing process.

Melissa R, 42


Heather J

Tonight, I had my first Pilates session from dL at Columbia City Pilates.
As a yoga practitioner and instructor, I am pleasantly surprised to use and focus on my core in a whole new way! dL was gentle, with a supportive tone. I really enjoyed the workout & plan to incorporate dL’s Pilates classes into my healthy living regimen~

Sincerely appreciate having an inviting, specialized Pilates studio in the area.

Heather J, 43


Peter A

I really enjoyed working with dL.  I took Pilates from her for a couple years while I lived in the Mount Baker district.  She was always delightful to be around and knew just how much to push to have a great workout.

Peter A, 52


Adrian Swartout: Owner, Columbia City Pilates

I discovered Pilates 8 years ago when I took my first private lesson with dL.  I fell so in love with the work that I transformed a room in my home into a personal studio and have been training under dL’s direction ever since. I jumped at the chance to partner with dL in opening a small, client focused studio in Columbia City.

Adrian S, 43